Śāstravid is a web-based electronic research tool for the study of Indian philosophy. It contains a number of Indian philosophical texts (primarily from the Buddhist Madhyamaka school), some of them in the original Sanskrit, some in historical or modern translations. The unique structure of Śāstravid represents both the explicit relationships among texts—where one is a commentary on, or a translation of, another—and their conceptual connections. A researcher can view each passage in each Śāstravid text together with related commentaries and translations, and can move directly from there to other Śāstravid texts that make related points. Researchers can also browse the concepts and texts published in the system.

The current Śāstravid website derives from a research project funded by the European Research Council from 2010-2015. The project was directed by Jan Westerhoff, University of Oxford. Four researchers contributed content prior to public release: Paul Hackett, Ligeia Lugli, Lai Yan Fong, and Matthew Neale.

The original software was developed by a third-party and was available for the duration of the project. On cessation of the project it did not prove feasible to continue supporting the bespoke software. Further information and video tutorials on the earlier version of the site can be found on the ‘Further Information’ page. This version of the website has been developed to host the project data and replicate most of the navigational features of the original website (the relationships between texts that are the heart of Śāstravid). Information on how to explore the website can be found here.

Downloadable XML files containing data from the site are available on the ‘Downloads’ page.